About Aria

Our Mission

Our mission is to become Asia’s leading and most admired independent personal care company, which provides our consumers with exciting high-quality products in the forefront of global trends, but with a specific Asian appeal.

Our Value

At Aria, our brands and products cater to the specific needs and preferences of each international region, however with a special emphasis on Asian & Middle Eastern consumers. Each brand has its own market positioning and consumer proposition, each delivering on quality, emotion and price. Aria continues to develop and enhance the value of our core brands as well as new brands, supported by an active new product development programme.

Our Location

Aria is headquartered in Singapore and has subsidiaries strategically located in Vietnam, Malaysia and Dubai to support a comprehensive international operation covering more than 20 markets throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our main R&D and manufacturing facility is located in Malaysia and Vietnam.


Aria’s principal shareholders are Carrington Capital, who is a direct investment company based in Singapore and Lam Soon Cannery Private Limited, who is the majority shareholder of Lam Soon Sdn Bhd, which is a major public company in Malaysia.

Why Choose Aria Cosmetics?

Unique Consumers

A unique understanding of consumers in Asia and the Middle East.

Experienced Team

A proven and experienced management team

High Quality R&D

Quality R&D with manufacturing in ISO 9001 and GMP certified facilities.

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